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Jordan Signs' Monumental Achievement: Crafting 100-Year Celebration Numbers for Canberra.

When the call came in to celebrate a century of Canberra, Jordan Signs Sydney stepped up to a unique challenge. Tasked with creating large polystyrene foam numbers for the event, we were the solution after a long, fruitless search by the client across numerous companies in the ACT. Faced with a task that others were reluctant to undertake, our team at Jordan Signs quickly assured the client of our capability and willingness to bring their vision to life.

The process wasn’t without its complexities. Working with large foam blocks required precision and careful manipulation to achieve the perfect cutouts. Despite these challenges, our team's expertise shone through, and the numbers were ready for transport in record time. However, a hiccup occurred when the client’s chosen transport company fell through. Swiftly stepping in, Jordan Signs arranged for a reliable carrier, ensuring the delivery was made by 9 am the following day. The final hurdle was ensuring the plywood faces, cut by a separate contractor in the ACT, aligned perfectly with our foam numbers. Through meticulous coordination, we achieved seamless integration, contributing to a successful event.


  • Finding a Willing Contractor
  • Material Manipulation
  • Transportation Issues
  • Coordination with External Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in a range of materials, including polystyrene foam, for various large-scale signage needs.

Absolutely. We have experience in managing last-minute transport issues and ensure timely delivery.

We maintain close communication and coordination with all parties to ensure every aspect of the project aligns perfectly.

Yes, we thrive on taking on unique projects that others might find too challenging.

Our commitment to problem-solving, precision in execution, and ability to adapt quickly to unforeseen challenges sets us apart.

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Canberra 100

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Polystyrene Foam Numbers

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