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Masters of Gold Leaf Signwriting Since 1961

Since 1961, Jordan Signs Sydney has been a cornerstone in the Sydney signwriting community, renowned for their mastery in traditional signwriting techniques. The founder, Mr. John Jordan, was not just a signwriter but a guardian of this age-old craft, specializing in the elegant art of Gold Leaf Signwriting. His legacy lives on through his descendants, Paul and Scott Jordan, who continue to uphold the family’s reputation for exceptional skill and craftsmanship.

The art of Gold Leaf Signwriting, particularly in gilding on glass, was John Jordan’s forte. He not only practiced this intricate art but also taught it, sharing his profound knowledge and techniques. Today, Paul Jordan carries on this educational tradition, offering Gold Leaf Gilding classes to those passionate about keeping this rare skill alive. Students leave these classes in awe, having gained an appreciation for the patience and precision required in handling gold leaf.

In Sydney’s CBD, the enduring beauty of gold lettering on glass is a testament to the timeless quality and tradition these signs represent. Jordan Signs Sydney proudly offers an array of services in Gold Leaf Signwriting, catering to various businesses and establishments who seek to embody elegance and prestige. From doctor’s and lawyer’s offices to corporate headquarters, jewellery stores, and beyond, their gold lettering and logos symbolize a mark of distinction and excellence.

Jordan Signs Sydney’s dedication to traditional signwriting, particularly in Gold Leaf, showcases their commitment to preserving a rare and valuable art form, while serving a diverse clientele seeking quality and distinction in their signage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Leaf Signwriting is a traditional art form that adds a touch of elegance and prestige, symbolizing high quality and tradition in any business.

Absolutely, we cater to a wide range of businesses including professional offices, retail stores, government institutions, and private residences.

Yes, Paul Jordan continues the tradition of teaching Gold Leaf Gilding, sharing the skill and techniques of this beautiful art form.

Gold Leaf signs are known for their durability, often outlasting the buildings they adorn and standing the test of time.

Definitely. While it reflects tradition, Gold Leaf Signwriting can be seamlessly incorporated into modern designs, offering a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles.