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Revamping a Toddler's Room with Personalized Steel Letters: A Young Mum's Journey

A young mother, already navigating the joys of parenthood with a toddler and expecting her second child, embarked on a mission to rejuvenate her toddler's room. She discovered a set of charming, yet rusty, fabricated steel letters at a Melbourne market, envisioning them as a unique decorative element. However, the initial attempt to revitalize these letters hit a snag. The letters, which had been spray-painted white, were peeling and flaking due to improper preparation, leading to an unsatisfactory result.

Recognizing the need for a professional touch, she reached out to us. At Jordan Signs, we knew exactly how to bring her vision to life. We suggested sandblasting the letters in our workshop to ensure a clean, smooth surface. Following this, we applied a durable, high-quality paint finish, guaranteeing longevity and resilience. The beautifully restored letters were then artfully mounted on a clear acrylic panel, creating a striking display against the freshly painted wall, held in place with stylish stand-offs. The result was a delightful addition to the room, receiving adoring approval from both the mother and her daughter.


  • Rust and Deterioration
  • Improper Preparation
  • Safety Concerns
  • Aesthetic Integration
  • Timely Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with proper treatment like sandblasting and professional painting, old letters can be beautifully restored.

Absolutely, as long as they are properly treated, finished, and securely mounted.

We use a thorough sandblasting process followed by high-quality paint for a durable finish.

Yes, we offer a variety of color options to match your room's decor.

The letters are mounted on clear acrylic with stand-offs for a secure and aesthetically pleasing display.

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