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Community Spirit and Artistry: Jordan Signs Sydney's Collaborative Project in Portland, NSW

Jordan Signs Sydney is honored to have been a part of this community-driven project for consecutive years, actively contributing to its growth and success. In the latest edition, our team members Jake and Brian headed to Portland, complemented by the vital preparatory work done by Paul. This year marked a special collaboration as we teamed up with Christine Witty from Christine’s Signs in Parkes, NSW, and Lance from Grafton Signs, NSW. Our united efforts were directed towards a noble cause – boosting the profile of a charming NSW country town and turning it into a tourist attraction.

This weekend project is more than just signwriting; it's about community spirit and regional upliftment. By contributing our skills and creativity, we aim to enhance the town's appeal, creating a point of interest that draws visitors and celebrates the local heritage. Our collaboration with other signwriting experts not only brings diverse styles and ideas to the table but also fosters a sense of unity within the signwriting community, all working towards a common goal of supporting regional NSW towns.


  • Coordinating with multiple signwriting teams from different regions.
  • Balancing diverse styles and ideas to create a cohesive design.
  • Working within a limited timeframe to complete the project.
  • Ensuring the designs reflect and celebrate the local community and heritage.
  • Overcoming logistical challenges in a remote location.

Frequently Asked Question

Jordan Signs has been proudly involved in this community project for several years, actively participating each year.

This year, Jake and Brian represented Jordan Signs, with Paul contributing to the preparation work.

Yes, we collaborated with Christine Witty from Christine’s Signs and Lance from Grafton Signs.

The project aims to help NSW country towns increase their profile and become tourism points of interest.

Challenges include coordinating with multiple teams, merging different signwriting styles, time constraints, reflecting local culture in designs, and logistical considerations in rural settings.

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Community Project

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Traditional Signwriting

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