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Versatile and Durable Perspex Signage Solutions

Discover the elegance and efficiency of Perspex letters and shapes in advertising signs, a specialty of Jordan Signs. Perspex, also known as Acrylic, is a remarkable material for sign-making, boasting a naturally shiny surface and uniformly solid color. This means once the machining process is complete, no additional finishing is required, ensuring a sleek and professional look.

Our Perspex letters and shapes offer versatile applications. They can be intricately cut and joined to create your desired design or simply mounted separately on walls for a clean, modern aesthetic. Beyond its visual appeal, Perspex is a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Its resilience against the elements is noteworthy, making it a superior alternative to painted panels or vinyl prints, which can suffer in outdoor conditions.

At Jordan Signs, we’ve employed Perspex in numerous signage rollouts, shaping it into various forms or using screen printing to convey information effectively. We also possess the capability to print directly onto Perspex for more customized requirements.

The uses of Perspex extend beyond just signage; it’s also ideal for displays, engineering, and marine applications. Our state-of-the-art computerized equipment allows us to cut and profile Perspex to your exact specifications.

No matter the scale of your project, from a few letters to large quantities, Jordan Signs is equipped to deliver. Contact us to discuss how our Perspex signage solutions can elevate your business or project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perspex offers a sleek, shiny finish with solid color throughout, eliminating the need for extra finishing. It's durable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and versatile for various design options.

Absolutely. Perspex is highly durable and stands up well against weather elements, making it a great option for outdoor signage.

Yes, we can custom cut and join Perspex into any shape or design using our advanced computerized equipment.

We do. We offer both screen printing and direct printing onto Perspex for a range of customized signage needs.

Simply contact us via phone or email. We’re ready to assist you in bringing your Perspex signage project to life, no matter the size or complexity.