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Crafting Elegance: Jordan Signs' Bespoke Entrance Sign for St James Catholic School

Jordan Signs recently had the privilege of submitting a tender for the new entrance sign at St James Catholic School in Glebe. Our task was to devise a design that not only complemented the school's architectural aesthetics and color palette but also enhanced its overall profile. After presenting our initial proposal and fine-tuning it with some minor adjustments, our concept was warmly received.

Facing budget constraints, a common issue in educational settings, the school community's dedication to achieving a superior result was impressive. They pooled resources to ensure the project's success. Our suggestion to create a traditional gold leaf sign struck a chord with them, perfectly embodying their vision for the school's entrance. This endeavor showcased our ability to meet specific design and budget needs, while also reflecting the community's commitment to realizing this vital enhancement.

Challenges Faced:

  • Aligning the sign design with the school's architecture and color scheme.
  • Elevating the school's profile through the signage.
  • Working within a constrained budget.
  • Ensuring the sign resonated with the community's vision and expectations.

Frequently Asked Question for this project

The brief required a sign that harmonized with the school's architecture and color scheme while enhancing the school's profile.

We initially presented a concept that aligned with the school's aesthetic requirements. After a few minor tweaks based on feedback, our design was accepted.

Yes, budget was a concern. However, the school community's dedication to quality led to effective fundraising to support the project.

We crafted a traditional gold leaf sign, chosen for its elegance and ability to represent the school's desired image.

This project highlights our ability to meet specific design and budget requirements, and our skill in creating signs that resonate with our clients' visions.

Client :

St James Catholic School

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Gold Leaf Signage

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