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Custom Rocker Cover Plate: A Personal Touch for Show Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts often seek unique ways to distinguish their beloved vehicles, and this project was no exception. A client with a deep passion for cars approached us, desiring a personalized touch for his show car. He wanted a custom plate for the engine's rocker cover – a detail that would not only elevate the car's aesthetic but also reflect his personal style. At Jordan Signs, we were excited to take on this project, understanding the significance of such a custom addition for car enthusiasts.

Our approach involved careful consideration of the client's vision and the technical specifications of the car. We focused on crafting a design that was both visually striking and perfectly fitted to the rocker cover. The challenge was to create something that resonated with the client's personal taste while ensuring it complemented the overall look of the show car. Our team's expertise in custom signwriting allowed us to deliver a product that was not just a piece of craftsmanship but a symbol of the client's passion for his car.


  • Precision Crafting
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Durability

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we specialize in customizing automotive parts for a wide range of cars, tailoring each piece to your specific needs.

We use precise measurements and tailor our designs to match the specific dimensions and contours of your car’s parts.

We select high-quality, heat-resistant materials that maintain both durability and aesthetic appeal under engine conditions.

The timeframe varies based on the project's complexity, but we always aim to meet any event deadlines you might have.

Certainly, we provide design mock-ups for your approval before proceeding with the final crafting.

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