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Jordan Signs' Aged Sign Creation for St. Paul of the Cross School

The students and teachers at St. Paul of the Cross Catholic School in Dulwich Hill embarked on a heartfelt project to enhance their sacred space, dedicating immense effort to create a serene prayer area. Seeking to add a final touch that resonated with the spirit of the space, they envisioned an aged sign that would harmoniously complement it. To bring this vision to life, they reached out to Jordan Signs, known for their bespoke signwriting expertise.

Jordan Signs embraced the challenge, crafting a sign that perfectly matched the tranquil and spiritual ambiance of the prayer space. The result was not just a sign but a piece of art that now proudly adorns the student area, leaving the school community thoroughly impressed. This project is a testament to Jordan Signs’ ability to understand and deliver on unique requirements, blending aesthetics with meaning.

Challenges Faced:

  • Achieving an Authentic Aged Look
  • Design Resonance
  • Aesthetic and Functional Balance
  • Integration with Sacred Space
  • Meeting Specific Design Preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

The design was inspired by the serene and sacred nature of the school’s prayer space.

We used specialized techniques and materials to give the sign a timeless, weathered appearance.

Absolutely, we specialize in custom signs for various organizations, including educational institutions.

We selected high-quality materials known for their durability and suitability for the sign's aged look.

The project timeline varied from the initial consultation to installation, focusing on quality and client satisfaction throughout the process.

Client :

Penola House