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Masters of Foam Lettering and Shapes for Impactful Signage

For over five decades, Jordan Signs Sydney has been at the forefront of creating foam letters and shapes, serving a wide array of businesses, events, and clubs. Our foam signs are not just signage; they are powerful tools for adding impact and visibility to your messages and events. Our expertise in this field is highlighted by our contributions to notable television shows like “Celebrity Apprentice,” where we provided EPS foam letters adorned in gold glitter, and “THE BLOCK,” featuring our foam lettering in stark white.

Polystyrene foam, known for its ease of setup and removal, is our go-to material for event signage. The lightweight nature of the foam we use in manufacturing ensures that it can be easily handled and installed by anyone, making it a popular choice for client-installed lettering. We accommodate diverse client needs by offering foam letters in various thicknesses, from 10mm to 600mm, and finishes, including painted, unpainted, and even specialized metal finishes for more unique requirements.

The addition of a chunky third dimension to foam logos brings an undeniable presence, drawing attention to your business or promotion. Our use of different types of foam depends on the specific application and requirements of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our foam signs are ideal for a wide range of events, TV shows, businesses, and clubs looking to make a visual impact.

Absolutely. We design our foam lettering to be user-friendly, allowing clients the option to easily handle and install it themselves.

Yes, we offer various finishes including painted, unpainted, and special metal finishes for a more customized look.

Our foam letters can range in thickness from 10mm to 600mm, catering to different visual impact needs.

Contact us with your project details, and we will advise on the best foam type and design to suit your specific needs.